TechDays welcomes girl geeks for BGGD #11

Overheard on the net: Microsoft loves girl geeks!

Save the date ladies: during TechDays 2009 in Antwerp we will be sponsoring a Brussels Girl Geek Dinner event on March 10th. The agenda is still secret, all we know is that it’s called “The Mobile Edition” and that two female speakers are signed up. But I’ll leave it to Clo Willaerts, the organiser of BGGD events, to give all the details.

I’ll be posting the details to my blog once it's announced by Clo, in the meantime don’t forget to save the date and be quick enough to register once the page opens. That will be after the 18th of February, which is the date for next BGGD event. Unfortunately this one is already fully booked for quite some time.

What are Girl Geek Dinners?

Girl Geek Dinners are events for females who class themselves as girly and geeky. The events have a technical focus and are light hearted and fun.


A special thanks to my colleague Kris Hoet aka Crossthebreeze for getting things rolling.