Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools released (RTM)

Today developers can start with the final migration of their Beta Windows Phone 7 code to RTM, as today the developer tools hit RTM version. This means that as of now code can be developed against the RTM version, with the final step before submitting your app to the Marketplace.
The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will start accepting submissions early October, in the meantime it’s a good idea to get registration done as this can take some time to get all required documents through.

Download the RTM tools: Windows Phone Developer Tools package is a free single download containing all of the tools that developers need to create apps and games for Windows Phone 7: Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, the Windows Phone Emulator, Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone, and XNA Game Studio 4.0.

What’s new? 2010-09-16_1756

  • An update to the emulator based on RTM Windows Phone code
  • Panorama control
  • Pivot control
  • Bing Maps controls fully integrated into the Windows Phone 7 Developer Toolkit with the Bing Maps Control SDK

Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone

A special version of the Silverlight Toolkit to be downloaded separately from CodePlex contains these features, amongst others:

  • GestureService/GestureListener
  • ContextMenu
  • DatePicker
  • TimePicker
  • ToggleSwitch
  • WrapPanel
  • A few sample applications

Check out this video with Charlie Kindel and Scott Guthrie celebrating the final version of the tools, notice how a few of the upcoming apps are being previewed:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Also recommended: Windows Phone Developer blog post by Brandon Watson on the final tools release.


5kwp7belgiumAnd don’t forget the Belgian 5K Contest!
If you’re in Belgium, don’t forget you still have about two weeks to register for the Windows Phone 7 5K Challenge.