Least obvious yet terribly useful Outlook/OWA calendaring feature...

While reviewing some custom OWA themes we're developing, one of the designers pointed out this odd orange mark halfway through one of the numbers on the calendar view, wondering if it was a bug in the CSS in the custom theme: 

Actually, it's one of these tiny little details that I think is so slick - it's the current time. Watch it closely and you'll see it sweep through the hour. Both Outlook & OWA have this feature (above left is Outlook; right is OWA, using a non-default theme so it's a different color).

P.S. Another one of those tiny little details I love? The shadows under the appointments

P.P.S. And oh yeah... the custom theme in question? It totally rocks. More on that when we're actually done. It will be made available either in E2K7 SP1 or as a separate download linked from the exchange blog.