New career site

Various teams across the company have created what are called 'microsites' aimed at recruiting, telling potential candidates what it's like to join Exchange.[3] We did one too, as we announced on the blog. I am a huuuuge fan of our site (ok I helped a little in developing it) because I think it displays the culture of the exchange team pretty well, and I happen to think that the exchange team is a darn fun place to work. And oh yeah, the site's just plain funny, I still giggle even though I have been reading the jokes for two months.

There's also a thread on channel9 where it started out about the site and kind of turned into a conversation between me and a few active posters about Exchange, come join in if you want and I'll see if I can help out with anything (note: I'm not much use for tech support anymore as I don't get into that level of detail these days[1], but I can at least help with history and perspective on a variety of issues since I've been around a while and dabbled in a lot of areas).

[1] Unless you need help with outlook 98/exchange 5.5 TNEF & content conversion. I rocked that world.
[2] Don't forget to click on the lobster.
[3] One might ask... why do we feel the need to do that on a separate site? Why doesn't meet that need? That is a great question. : -)