Hassle-Free File Sharing for Small Businesses

When working in a business, sharing large files with colleagues and clients is necessary. Many of these documents may contain important and private information that must reach the hands of certain individuals without any delay.

Online collaboration services take the hassle out of sharing large files that often arise when you use FTP or email. These services make it possible for businesses to share and collaborate on large files with little effort and in real time.

Many small businesses today are turning to the cloud for their collaboration needs. Collaboration services in the cloud can make your data accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. The benefits of using cloud include:

  1. Low Costs – Using the cloud over physical file storage can save a significant amount of money.
  2. Easy to Use – Saving and accessing files on the cloud is easy, making it an attractive option, even for non-technical people.
  3. Flexibility – The cloud, and the way you use it, can grow and change as your business needs grow and change.
  4. Automation – Instead of having to invest in IT support to keep your file storage and collaboration system updated and maintained, most applications that use the cloud automatically update themselves.

Here are some of the ways your small businesses can use the cloud.

Being Mobile
One of the great benefits of technology is the ability for small business owners to create fully functional mobile offices. The cloud fits in perfectly with this because it allows you to access and sync your data from wherever you are, essentially allowing you to take your office with you on the road.

Share Information Easily
Whether you have in-house staff or a team spread across a distance, the cloud makes sharing data effortless. Once you have your data backed up, sharing files can be as easy as sending a link, eliminating the cumbersome process of emailing large files or saving copies on drives that are then mailed.

Secured File Storage
Many small businesses are using images, audio and video to enhance their marketing activities. These files often take up a significant part of your hard drive space, which can be costly. The cloud allows you to shift the storage of large files off of your local system, saving local storage for the files you need to access every day.

Collaboration is key for the functioning of a small business. There is no need for sending files to be a hassle – Office 365 can allow you to create, share, and collaborate quickly. These services specialize in the security of your files and track these files' every move.