A Book for Bill

My last posting concerned availability (or otherwise) of the Software Factory book on Amazon. We know the book has been printed, since Jack and I are now proud owners of two of the first three copies hot off the press. As I mentioned in a previous posting, my team and I had a briefing with Bill Gates a week or so ago (the topic was a modeling strategy for Microsoft).  As Bill had given us some feedback on some of the early material for the book, we asked Wiley’s, if at all possible, to send us a copy so we could hand it to Bill in the meeting.


It turned out that the first few copies had come off the press during the week of the briefing, and we managed to persuade someone at the Printers to send us a copy for this purpose. Just in time, a small parcel arrived on the morning of the briefing containing the first three copies. We had a great opportunity to present Bill with the very first copy of the book, signed of course by three of the authors, since Steve Cook was also in town for the briefing with Bill.  That was a cool moment.