Bill Gates Talks about Whitehorse

Well, it's always fun for us in the Product Groups when Bill Gates mentions your project in a speech or news article. Over the last two weeks, I've been working weekends and nights on finalizing a book that had to be sent to meet the publishers deadline this past Monday (normally I work weekends and nights on Microsoft stuff, just in case any of my bosses read this J ). The book is called “Software Factories: Assembling Applications using Patterns, Models, Frameworks and Tools”, and is co-authored with my colleague Jack Greenfield (with contributions from other colleagues, Steve Cook and Stuart Kent). It’s scheduled to be published sometime in Summer 2004. We’ll have a website set up soon that summarizes the book, so I’ll not go into it here, but of course it’s highly related to the modeling strategy I’ve been describing in these postings, although it goes much further in defining an approach to development that some will find controversial but hopefully all will find interesting. Needless to say, writing a book while holding down a demanding job is not something I’m anxious to get into anytime soon. As any of you who’ve been through this exercise knows, it’s very tough, especially as the deadline approaches. This mostly explains why I’ve been slow to post to the blog for a while. Anyway, this justifies my child-like happiness on learning that Bill is out there talking about our product. For anyone who missed it, it’s currently at this location on