Codename “Oslo” Repository Becomes SQL Server Modeling Services

At last week’s PDC, the new name for our repository and modeling project was announced – we are the SQL Server Modeling Services!

James Baker and Shoshanna Budzianowski did an awesome job of describing the Modeling Services database and how to get value from the domain models which are delivered in the latest CTP. Check out the video of their session here. This shows the value of a queriable database of UML and Assembly metadata in realistic developer scenarios. The use of regular SQL Server Reporting Services reports and Excel to analyze and drill in to information is a direct result of making the metadata schemas ordinary relational structures using clear language from the domains. I especially like the query that returns all uses of an interface across the System.Runtime and Microsoft.Uml2 domains including a UML diagram loaded into our database from IBM’s Rational Software Architect using an exported XMI file.

Also worth looking at is Kim Cameron and Gert Drapers’ presentation of the System.Identity model which is part of the Modeling Services CTP, and will play an increasingly important role across other domains in the future. You can see their presentation here.

Get the latest Modeling Services CTP from here.