Merry Cluster Christmas !!!

Hyper-V Are you into big iron?  Well, if you are the heavy metal sort and get your jollies by building clustered server configurations, then we have new tools for your tool belt.  The latest tool you should be checking out is known as Hyper-V.  It's part of the latest shipment of Windows Server 2008 RC1.

Fortunately Robert Larson gets you started right way with his latest blog post on "Building a Host Cluster with Hyper-V Beta 1".  Check it out.  Good stuff.

If you haven't downloaded Windows Server 2008 RC1, you should.  I am totally amazed at how fast it is on my Lenovo ThinkPad T61p notebook computer.  It's also interesting because it shares a common code base with Windows Vista.  That's a different subject we'll get to later...