Windows Virtual PC and Win XP Mode RC - now available

windows7rc_bloglogo Microsoft is pleased to announce  the availability of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode Release Candidate. RC is an important milestone in our path to final delivery of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.

Please make sure to read the Release Notes and the Installation Guide before installing.  Also please note that a Beta to RD upgrade is not supported.  You must uninstall the Beta before installing the RC product binaries.

Here are just a few highlights for the product:

  • Manage USB devices with virtual applications: You canattach and detach USB devices while running virtual applications. The USB device management UI can be easily accessed form the right click context menu of the Virtual Applications icon, on task bar.
  • Jump list for virtual applications: Right clicking on the virtual application icon, on Windows 7 taskbar, displays a jump list that allows one to easily launch virtual applications from the taskbar.
  • Drive share settings: You can select the host computer drives that you would like to share with the virtual machine; in the virtual machine settings.
  • Windows XP Mode tutorial: Atutorial that introduces the user to Windows XP Mode features is displayed during Windows XP Mode Setup.
  • Faster Windows XP Mode setup: Improvements have been done to reduce the setup time for Windows XP Mode.
  • Compact differencing disks: You can now compact the differencing virtual hard disk to reduce the size occupied on the disk.
  • Support for optional components install in XP Mode: Windows XP optional components can be installed in Windows XP Mode.
  • Choose destination location for XP Mode files: You can choose the destination folder to store all virtual machine files for Windows XP Mode during XP Mode setup.

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