Configure Private Cloud VM Compute Fabric with System Center 2012 SP1 VMM - Build Your Private Cloud

To be effective, Private Clouds need to embrace the virtualization technologies that you have currently deployed in your datacenter and permit you to manage them as a single compute fabric, rather than getting locked in to separately managing silos of virtualization technologies.

Don’t get me wrong … Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and our FREE Hyper-V Server 2012 certainly offer tremendous cost-effective enterprise scale benefits when it comes time to expand the virtualization capacity in your datacenter. BUT …  System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager allows you to deliver a Private Cloud TODAY by deploying and managing VMs on existing virtualization hosts, whether those hosts are running Hyper-V, VMware 4.1 / 5.1 and/or Citrix XenServer 6.0 / 6.1 - all from a single point of Private Cloud management!

In the video below, Yung Chou and I show how to configure a Private Cloud compute fabric in System Center 2012 SP1 VMM.  Join us as we step through the process of adding and configuring hosts, clusters, and host resources across Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix XenServer to provide a unified compute fabric that you can consistently scale and manage across your datacenter.

Configure VM Compute Fabric in System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager

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Specific topics in this session include:

  • [ 01:30 ] Recap: Building a Private Cloud
  • [ 04:15 ] Configuring the Compute Fabric in Virtual Machine Manager
  • [ 09:22 ] DEMO: Adding Hosts & Clusters in VMM – Windows Server
  • [ 18:40 ] DEMO: Bare Metal Deployment – Hyper-V Hosts Only
  • [ 27:40 ] DEMO: Adding Hosts & Clusters in VMM – Citrix XenServer and VMware vCenter
  • [ 31:46 ] DEMO: How to Manage Host Resources

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