Radically Simple Business Intelligence with Halo BI and the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Brandon Kirby, Vice President of Technology & Business Development at Halo BI joins Keith Mayer in this “Cloud Solution Innovators” edition as they discuss how Halo BI can help your data discovery needs with a with their complete business intelligence solution suite and services.

  • [1:00] Can you tell us a bit about Halo BI and your solutions?
  • [8:49] How does HALO BI work with SQL Server and Microsoft Azure?
  • [19:51] DEMO: Halo BI solutions in action HaloBI

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Halo BI

Radically simple data warehouse automation. Visually appealing data discovery and reporting in an easy to use tool. Halo BI is a holistic technology for a complete business intelligence solution.
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Halo for Supply Chain

Purpose-built tools and analytics extend visibility into key data resources allowing companies to plan, evaluate and monitor their supply chain and maximize financial, operational and customer outcomes.
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Halo Advisory Services

Leverage industry experts to help you reduce costs and optimize cash flow by implementing the ultimate information management and analytic system for your supply chain strategy.
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