Windows Server 2012 RTM is here! Download it today.

Windows Server 2012 RTM Launched Online Today!  

Windows Server 2012 is the latest version of our Windows Server operating system with across-the-board improvements in virtualization, scalability, high availability, networking, storage, security and management.  Participate in the online launch activities this month and win some awesome prizes, including the chance to win a fully paid registration to Microsoft Tech Ed 2013!  To help you get started, I've included some great resources below to help you build your lab and learn Windows Server 2012.

Build Your Lab with Windows Server 2012

  1. Download Windows Server 2012
  2. Follow these instructions to build your own dual-boot lab environment for learning the latest capabilities.

Learn Windows Server 2012

  1. Get your copy of the FREE eBook on Introducing Windows Server 2012
  2. Join the Windows Server 2012 "Early Experts" Challenge online study group to prepare for the new Microsoft MCSA Certification on Windows Server 2012

Stay tuned for more resources over the next two weeks!