Full AIP Scanner Configuration (AIP Premium P2 Edition)

The Scenario:

You recently signed an Enterprise Agreement that includes AIP Premium P2 as one of the features (EMS E5/Microsoft 365 E5) and have been told that the AIP Scanner can be used to discover and protect your sensitive data.  You want to know what this story looks like for you and how to fully install, configure, and best utilize the AIP Scanner.  Luckily, I have created multiple blog posts that show you what is possible in that regard.

http://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kemckinn/2018/05/11/more-fun-with-the-aip-scanner-ems-e3-aip-p1-capabilities/ http://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kemckinn/2018/06/18/aip-scanner-discovering-all-the-sensitive-data/

Unfortunately, due to new capabilities of the AIP Scanner and trying to appeal to the largest audience, I have lost a bit of cohesion when trying to tell the specific story of what can be done at various license levels.  But have no fear! I will shamelessly rip off bring together all of these blogs to give you a full story of what can be done at each of the license levels so you can focus on what you can do right now.  I will focus this article on the Installation, Configuration, and Utilization of the AIP Scanner for functions available to the AIP Premium P2 license and will spare some of the exposition in the original articles for the sake of efficiency.  So feel free to check those articles out if you want to hear more of my witty remarks read more detail about the product.

The Solution:

I have been told that I need to be a bit more adultish with my blog posts going forward, so please check out the stunning conclusion to this blog post on our official AIP blog at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Azure-Information-Protection/Installation-Configuration-and-Usage-of-the-Azure-Information/ba-p/221792 and bookmark https://aka.ms/AIPBlog for future exciting content from yours truly (I will of course keep writing my fun scenarios here, but the solutions will all be over in the grown-up blog).