Active Fitness with SensorCore adds Pedometer + GPS + Social + Action Photo + Music to all in one free app

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Do you need to spend extra bucks on a pedometer when you already have a phone? Now with SensorCore technology in select Windows Phones, your phone can work as the best social pedometer and count your steps, whether walking or running 24x7. With apps like Active Fitness which already has millions of active users, adding step counter in addition to GPS Tracking adds a battery efficient way and yet another dimension to measuring your sport performance. In this and following posts I’ll share my experience on developing the app with this amazing ground breaking technology.

IMPORTANT: To benefit from SensorCore you need to have Windows Phone 8.1 with hardware supporting SensorCore, like Lumia 1520, Icon, 930, 630, 635. Active Fitness will work on any other Windows Phone in standard mode.


The App

It all started with an app. Like many developers, I have an app that perfectly fits the profile for SensorCore. Active Fitness is my Swiss Army knife of anything sports. It has millions of active users, is fun and friendly, very social and motivating.

Now with new SensorCore technology, Active Fitness adds battery friendly Pedometer function. Simply take your phone with you and it’ll automatically count steps whole day long! Very little battery consumed. Other features include: multiple activities from a comprehensive library, music, action photos, GPS tracking, goals, training module powered by professional instructors and more!



SensorCore Enhancements

If you used Active Fitness, you’ll notice that if your device has SensorCore enabled, you’ll immediately see a tile for a pedometer. So now in addition to GPS tracking you can also measure your daily steps. Now the magic comes here: without running the app! Yes, that’s the beauty of SensorCore, you don’t need to run the app continuously in the background (you can for detailed GPS tracking, but you don’t have to for step tracking). This is genius!

Detailed charts of your activity

Active Fitness allows you to drill from monthly to weekly to daily view and then more into every split of your run! Windows Phone brings a clean fresh consistent design and everything about this fitness app looks great.