Office 365 subscription not monitored in SCOM


Yes this can leave you stumped, and wondering "why?"


This can be many parts, so choose carefully

Verify O365 Subscription state in SCOM Console

In the SCOM console

Click on Monitoring Tab

Click on the O365 dashboard

Look at the health state

Error showed 'endpoint not found'

Working with Azure Admin, we found the SCOM O365MP application did NOT have a service account assigned.

Verify SCOM 'Run as' account

Verify 'run as' ID (originally employee ID, not service account )

Remote Desktop to SCOM MS Server

Verify if the 'run as' ID has a valid password

Look in the Operations Manager Event Log for Event ID 7000

Click on Find

Type in the user's ID from the 'run as' account in SCOM

If no entries found, then ID is successfully authenticating against the domain

If errors found, correct ID/Password in SCOM Console


Verify SCOM O365 Azure account


In the SCOM console

Click on Administration

Click on the O365 Wizard

Highlight the subscription

Choose Edit Subscription


Test ID (tested the Service Account)

With the radio button selected at 'Use auto-created Azure Service Principal'

NOTE Name here is for SCOM purposes and does not have to match Azure Portal Application Name


Click Next

SCOM UI will prompt for Azure login


Enter ID and password

Click Sign in to authenticate


If error is 'Authentication Fails', contact your Azure Administrator for assistance