Yet another new blogger!

Hello All,

My name is Kevin Pilch-Bisson.  I'm a Canadian living in the US, working as a developer for Microsoft on the C# ide team.  I've been here for almost 1.5 years.  I have 3 small children, and enjoy spending my spare time with them.  I often have a hard time describing exactly what our team is responsible for.  Normally I respond by saying that we are NOT responsible for the core editor of VisualStudio, but we are responsible for all of the language specific customizations that you see for C#.  The list usually goes something like this.  We ARE responsible for:

  • Items in completion lists (but not the drawing of the list itself).
  • What happens when you select something in a completion list
  • The contents of Parameter Help and Quick Info
  • Colorizing
  • Formatting
  • Task list contents
  • Class view contents
  • Navigation (go to definition, go to reference, etc)
  • The glue connecting the compiler to the project system
  • Refactoring (new for Whidbey)
  • Expansions (new for Whidbey)

We are NOT responsible for:

  • Search and replace
  • General look and feel of the product
  • The project system

I'm not really sure what I'm going to write about in this space, so we'll just have to see how things go.  Within the list above, I work on Formatting, our settings pages under Tools->Options, task list, and some stuff to do with colorizing, completion lists and parameter help.