Azure for Disaster Recovery: The US Tour

TechNet Tour

We Technical Evangelists are at it again!  This September and October, we will visit 10 cities to talk about using Microsoft Azure as part of your disaster recovery plan.

Attendees will receive a free Microsoft Azure pass and the opportunity to complete several disaster recovery related labs during the course of the workshop.

9/1 - Seattle, WA
9/3 - San Francisco, CA
9/22 - Houston, TX
9/29 - Charlotte, NC
9/30 - Malvern, PA
10/6 - Indianapolis, IN
10/7 - Tampa, FL
10/8 - New York, NY
10/14 - Irvine, CA
10/16 - Dallas, TX

See the FULL LIST HERE!  Register now to join in!

(And if you’re in Houston, Dallas, or NYC, you’ll get to see yours truly!)