Ever heard of "Machinima"? What about "Captain Microsoft"?

MachinimaI have been recently introduced to a new form of media.  “Machinima” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machinima) is, basically, using low-end graphics engines to generate a video.  Many of you may have seen the “Red vs. Blue” series of humorous animations that were rendered using the graphic engine from Halo.  That’s “Machinima”.

Now comes along a guy calling himself “Captain Microsoft” on YouTube, with a video about the importance of patching your software.

Here’s the Video.

“Hey Kevin… who really is that Captain Microsoft guy? Is it a Microsoft employee?”

Well… actually, yes.  It’s Steve Horne, an Evangelist with Microsoft in the UK.  And apparently, while his boss has been out on the road doing an IT Roadshow, he’s been back at the office creating fun videos. 

Keep ‘em coming, Steve!