I love these kinds of new-feature surprises (Office 2013)

Isn’t it fun when a new feature just shows up in front of you before you even knew about it?  I recently installed Microsoft Office 2013 on my production laptop, and was working on an outline of questions for an upcoming TechNet Radio show we’re recording in a couple of days. 

When finished, I created an e-mail that I had intended to attach the document to. 

Office 2013 Preview “Attach a document? Why aren’t you just storing them in SkyDrive or SharePoint?”

Baby steps, my friend.  Baby steps. 

Anyway.. what freaked me out (in a good way) was when I hit SEND…




Yeah.. like most of us have done at least once in our lives, I hit send before I remembered to attach the file.  But in the text (or context?) of the message, I simply mentioned attaching something.  So Office 2013 Outlook gave me this message basically saying to me, “Hey Kevin.. um.. duh!  I bet you meant to attach something here, but you didn’t.  So.. what are we gonna do about that?”

I love little surprises like that.  Red heart 


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