Kevin's TechEd 2006 Diaries - Day 3

Collect them all!Day 3 – Another TechEd Day

Didn’t get in as early as I should have, but still managed to get a lot accomplished.  After a bit of morning blogging, I made it over to the TechEd Store to buy a couple of goodies for my kids.  (They come to expect SOMETHING from Dad every time I go away to TechEd, and I never dissappoint.) 

The afternoon was spent again working in the Exchange TLC. 

One thing I love about TechEd every year is making new acquaintences, and seeing old ones from TechEd’s past.  I also ran into (not literally) an old friend and coworker who I haven’t seen in years. 

And today I shook Mary Jo Foley’s hand.  I hope I don’t get in trouble.  I hear she can suck company confidential information out of you that way. 

Now she’s probably wondering just what the heck “Microsoft Fruit Pie 2007” is going to be.  It’s a good thing they keep me ignorant (and hungry) at this show.

The night was a good one for parties.  I was fortunate to have several to choose from.  The Windows Mobile folks had a party at the Boston Harbor Hotel.  And following that we (Harold Wong and I) went to the Microsoft Exchange Staff Party.  And to top it off we went to the TechNet Magazine party, where I played some pool with John Alexander and Jeff Julian – the guys who run “Geeks with Blogs”.  They also are the moderators for and

The picture of communication

Coolest demo I saw:
Saw (and video taped) a very well done demo of the benefits and workings of Microsoft Live Communication Server 2005.

Funniest thing I heard:
Actually, I don’t remember hearing anything funny  – though I know I did laugh quite a bit yesterday.  As I hear them, I’ll have to immediately write down two for tomorrow. 

I actually did SEE something funny.  At least I thought it was.  Take a look at this picture of something with a (Microsoft Logo on it) we’re selling in the TechEd Store.  It’s a little caddie for carrying things in your car.  That alone isn’t funny.  But check out the example pictured on the page next to them…

Interesting Choice

And I leave you with a couple of other photos I took on Day 3:

Hands On Labs