Want my business card?



I’m having so much fun playing with Microsoft Tag.  Try it out on your smartphone.  (go to http://gettag.mobi) The software drives your phone’s camera to take a quick scan of the tag, and then does something with it, like open a web page, or download a vCard.  For example, the colorful tag above, when scanned, will let you save my contact information to your phone. 

Next time I print business cards, I’m going to put this on them.  I’d love to have it on a T-Shirt, as well.

“Kevin.. this isn’t new.”

I know.  It was introduced over a year ago. But I’m just getting around to investigating some cool social-networking uses for it. 

(As of this writing, this same tag is my profile photo on Twitter.)

UPDATE: I’ve customized it. Now it has my photo in it.

Kevin Remde Custom vCard