Lights, camera, action!

For everything you ever wanted to know about Windows globalization and localization, or at least for one or two things, you might like to check out this Channel 9 interview. It features Michael Kaplan, whose blog you may know; Jeff Allen, our director of localization services; Alp Turkmen, who is driving our business direction in the Windows international space; Claus Juhl, one of our localization engineers; and me. Michael and I speak about globalization issues, with a heavy focus on the Locale Builder and associated ways that we'd like to open up our infrastructure to accomodate all kinds of community solutions, and we're about 45 minutes in. But don't skip! There's great information throughout.

If you watch, please let us know what you think! And yes -- there are closer to 7,000 languages in the world than 2,000, for those of you playing along at home.