Kinect-powered rehab system gets FDA clearance

Back in June, we featured a story about Reflexion Health and its innovative application that uses Kinect for Windows to help physical therapy patients. As we described at that time, the application, called Vera, was being tested at five medical centers. Now we are pleased to report that Reflexion Health has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Vera system.

Vera uses the depth sensing and body tracking capabilities of the latest Kinect sensor to capture a patient’s exercise movements in precise detail. The system provides patients with a model for how to perform the exercise correctly, and simultaneously compares the patient’s movements to the prescribed exercise. Anyone who’s struggled to follow the traditional stick-figure drawings of rehab exercises will appreciate Vera’s precise, real-time feedback—no more wondering if you’re lifting or twisting in the right way. The data on the patient’s movements are also shared with the therapist, who can track the patient’s progress and adjust the exercise regimen remotely for maximum therapeutic benefit.

FDA approval marks an important milestone for Reflexion Health. "We are thrilled to be one of a growing number of digital medicine companies to receive FDA clearance to use innovative tools and methods, such as Vera, to deliver care in a more engaging and efficient way," says Spencer Hutchins, CEO and co-founder of Reflexion Health. "We look forward to continuing to demonstrate Vera's positive impact on patients, doctors, and therapists.”

The Kinect for Windows Team

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