HTML Copy extension from Pro Power Tools not working with Live Writer?

Dear readers,

I've just returned from a nice vacation only to find a couple of reports that my HTML Copy extension for VS 2010 doesn't work on some users machines. Among the affected users is our corporate vice president of Visual Studio, Jason Zander, who is an avid technology adopter. Jason was playing with Pro Power Tools and found that after pressing Ctrl+C in VS 2010, Live Writer doesn't display the option to preserve HTML format in their Paste Special dialog:


I cannot reproduce this on my machines. If anyone experiences this issue and would like to help investigate this issue, I would appreciate if you could reach out so I can investigate and debug. We might have to use remote debugging and remote assistance.

On the plus side, I've just fixed another bug reported by a user from China (article below in Chinese):

The bug was that the clipboard expects the HTML format be in UTF8 encoding, and the HTML fragment length specified in the HTML header needs to be in bytes, not char count:

This resulted in copied fragments to be trimmed if they contained multibyte chars such as japanese or chinese characters. Here's the Connect bug about it that I fixed:

Many thanks to those who have reported it! You will see the fix in the next update of the Pro Power Tools.