Notes from the Orlando User Group meeting

Last night we met with the Orlando .NET User Group. I had a blast! Esteban Garcia, Will Strohl and others did a great job organizing everything (thanks guys!). Very nice folks, great audience, and of course, we just loved Florida!

Slides from my talk can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: fixed the link, sorry about that.

UPDATE 2: it seems that I can't get the MIME types right on my hosting provider. No time to figure it out now, have to put out a .zip file, sorry. Please unzip it to get to the PowerPoint.

Florida first impressions:

  1. OMG I love it here! Palm trees, great weather, great architecture, great people.
  2. People live in paradise, vacation every day.
  3. (Especially if you like sauna)
  4. It rains every day, and this is a good thing (water evaporates because of the heat).
  5. I wish we had more time here.