Visiting Florida .NET User Groups in June

After our team has shipped Visual Studio 2010, a lot of us are going out for User Group tours to connect with you folks, the developers out there. Lisa has posted our team’s schedule here:

Yang Xiao (from Visual Basic) and myself were fortunate enough to be selected for Florida! I’ve never been to Florida and I’m very excited! Here’s our schedule:

Monday, June 14 – Orlando

Tuesday, June 15 – Tampa

Wednesday, June 16 – Sarasota

  • Where: Sarasota Community Foundation, 2635 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, FL 34237 (just W. of Tuttle on the N. side of Fruitville)
  • When: 3pm

Thursday, June 17 – Fort Lauderdale

Joe Healy also has this and more information at

Really looking forward to meet Florida folks!