Toolkit Showcase

We are compiling a list of websites to showcase on the Toolkit page that is a part of the ASP.NET website. Details on how the page will end up looking like have not been fleshed out yet. Just like this ASP.NET AJAX showcase displays interesting websites built on top of ASP.NET AJAX, we would like to share a collection of websites using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.

Here are our selection criteria. Note: These are just the minimum requirements and meeting them does not guarantee that the website will make it to the page. Subjective criteria like peculiarity of Toolkit usage, level of customization, degree of usage i.e. just one Toolkit control is used or more and many other qualifications may also come into play.

  • The site uses at least one Toolkit control built on top of the Toolkit infrastructure.
  • Usage of the Toolkit is blatant i.e. we should be able to spot the control easily. If it is very obscure then it does not really "showcase" the Toolkit per se.
  • The website does not have "questionable" content.

If you would like to see your website in the showcase here is the information we need:

  • Your name and email address
  • Your site's name and URL
  • Description of your site in less than 50 words.
  • Description of the usage of Toolkit controls on your site in less than 200 words.

You can send this to me using my blog contact form or to the Toolkit team by email.

Thanks for using the Toolkit!