Autobahn express through Germany, scenic drive into Prague

The drive from Hamburg to Berlin was fast, just over 2 hours on the Autobahn where there is no speed limit. At one point we were driving 210 kilometers per hour which is 140 mph and two cars passed us going at least 250 kph. The weather was perfect again. Tore and I drove around all of the key sight seeing areas of downtown Berlin, and then walked around was was the heart of East Berlin. After eating a late lunch and visiting Berlin for about 4 hours, we drove through Dresden and on into Czech Republic to Prague. I met my brother J.D. at the airport around noon, and in about an hour we will go on a walk with a tour guide with Steve Black, Hans and Gaby, Tore Bleken, and I am trying to talk Rainer Becker into joining us, it will depend on his other plans for today. There is some dinner planned for tonight at some cool scenic location, then the keynote for Praha DevCon is tomorrow morning. After the keynote, I have plans to spend time doing some work and also creating a detailed blog entry to post here about the trip so far. If I had to rate how well things have been going on the trip thus far based on the plans, I would rank it at over 95 percent. Seeing Europe via car versus train or flying into and out of airports if far more scenic and a much nicer trip. My detailed entry tomorrow will go into the various details. I am making this entry using a high speed internet computer in a business center of the hotel, and the computer keyboard and settings are for Czech which means the z is where the y is and vice versa, along with all kinds of other keys that make it take times longer to type. This is my forth year in a row speaking at the VFP DevCon conference in Prague, things are changing here every year. Czech Republic joined the European Union a few months ago, change is very constant. The weather here is about 65F, some clouds but I have yet to use my umbrella. I have to go now to meet Igor Vit in the hotel lobby, he is the conference cooridinator. Tomorrow will include the detailed entry my trip since the start, even including some information about what music I chose to play on my iPod through the car stereo at various points during the drives.