Behind the camera on Channel 9

Recently, at the suggestion of Robert Scoble, I started going behind the camera on Channel 9 doing interviews and video recording. Listed below are the recent Channel 9 interviews I've done behind the camera. The most recent ones listed first along with Scoble's comments when he posted them on the Channel 9 web site. I have more videos in the queue to be posted soon and future ones planned on various Visual Studio, .NET language, and VFP topics.

Soma - Conversation with Visual Studio's vice president
S. Somasegar is the corporate Vice President of the Developer Division at Microsoft. Ken Levy took his camcorder over and had a nice chat with him to celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2005. Soma also is blogging his thoughts on Visual Studio 2005 and other things.

Using Visual Basic as a Dynamic Programming Language
In this video Paul Vick and Erik Meijer talk about the dynamic aspects of programming in Visual Basic, both in Visual Basic 2005 and Visual Basic 9.0.

Future Directions for Data Programming in Visual Basic
Join Paul Vick and Amanda Silver as they discuss some of the features coming in Visual Basic 9.0 in this video.

Paul Yuknewicz - Working with VB Community
Do you use Visual Basic? Well, you should get to know Paul Yuknewicz. He's a program manager on the VB team (he's worked there for more than five years). Talks about his experiences working on the VB team, and what his team is doing to make the VB community a great one. At about 10:26 he gives a demo of extensions that you can get online to make VB.NET better. It all starts at

Lisa Feigenbaum - Code Snippets in Visual Studio
Ken Levy takes his camcorder over to interview Lisa Feigenbaum and get a look at the new Code Snippets feature in Visual Studio.

Jay Schmelzer - Working on the VB Core team
Ken Levy took his camcorder over to see Jay Schmelzer, lead program manager on the Visual team. They have a nice chat about what the VB team has been up to lately.

Somehow the video of me interviewed a year ago on First Look at Visual FoxPro 9.0 has now moved up to be the 3rd most watched Channel 9 video out of 640 total, with over 232,000 views. You can see this by going to the Ch9 Videos page and then selecting Most Views in the dropdown list filter.