KN TR on the new Microsoft Connect site

We've been getting a number of inquiries about the best way to contact us to get Knowledge Network, so we have updated that information here. We have now opened availability of the Knowledge Network Technical Refresh (KN TR) for selected organizations on our new Microsoft Connect site. Connect only allows email addresses that have an associated Passport account or a Windows Live ID to register. The KN TR bits are available for self-support only which means the KN team is not available to support you in your evaluation. 

If you are interested in the KN team considering your organization for gaining access to the KN TR, please email us at knfeedbk at and we’ll get back to you with a set of questions. Once we evaluate your responses we’ll let you know next steps. Recall also that KN requires that you run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, so please only request KN TR access if you are also running SharePoint Server 2007.