Knowledge Network Technical Refresh Now Available on Betplace

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Knowledge Network Technical Refresh for those organizations that already have access to the Microsoft Betaplace site. The software, as well as related documentation, is available for download from Microsoft Betaplace. Once you get to the main page on Microsoft Betaplace, you can follow the link for Knowledge Network that can be found by following the “Other Files” link under the “Beta Downloads” node in left navigation bar. From there you can follow the instructions to download the actual files for the software and associated documentation.

This latest release comes with a number of new enhancements and features. Here is quick rundown of the key areas that been enhanced in this release.

KN Client
1. Removed requirement of SP1 having to be installed on Active Directory servers.
2. Improved performance of KN Client. More e-mail processed in less time.
3. Improved analysis keyword quality.
4. Reduced impact of analysis on machine performance.
5. Analysis suspends when machine moves to battery power.
6. Added Outlook toolbar add-in to initiate People Search.
7. Added ability to import an existing profile on the server into a newly installed client.

KN Server
1. Added ability to identify KN members in search results.
2. Improved performance of External People and Find People Who Know This Person searches.

1. Added STSADM commands for several administrative tasks.
2. Added performance counters to aid in monitoring system health.
3. Added ability to disable the External Contacts feature on both the KN Client and Server.
4. Added ability to change default settings for Anonymous Brokering.
5. Added Group Policy ADM file to configure KN client settings.

Please be sure to refer to the deployment guides for both the server and client when installing Knowledge Network software which are available on Microsoft Betaplace. This release will run only on MOSS 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (MOSS B2TR). Therefore, if you plan to upgrade from an existing MOSS B2TR, instead of the recommended clean MOSS install, please make sure you follow the recommended steps in the server deployment guide which were also highlighted in the previous KN blog entry.

If you do not have access to Microsoft Betaplace we will provide more information soon about the timing and availability of KN bit for broader download.