What's Going On Kirk?

I've been vacant from blogging for some time. If the comments I've been getting in the blog, email and personally at conferences and in meetings is any indication, it's high time I started back again. Unlike some of the more successful and prolific bloggers out there, or those that aren't so prolific for that matter, I have no aspirations of consistently writing every day. The old blogging mantra "every day a blog entry" is not something I'm going to commit to doing. That way I set myself up for success. This is a lot like my annual new years resolution which I always manage to keep with smashing success which is "I will only make one resolution this year." I like that because I'm guaranteed success the moment I make the resolution. It's an atomic success. By making the resolution I'm successfully keeping it. So, my blogging commitment here is that I won't be consistent. That's something I can commit to not doing.

So, what's happening in my world. True to Microsoft's disclosure policy, I could tell you all but then, the marketing folks would kill me, or worse... What I can tell folks is that the Master Data Management team is alive and thriving. We're doing good work, making progress on deliverables, getting ready to ship. Our plan hasn't changed with respect to timing of the release either. We're still targeting a release for roughly the same time as the next version of Office. That date hasn't been announced of course, so I can't say exactly when that is either, but if the past is prologue, you can take a pretty good guess at when that will be.

Our team has completed new functionality and are now stabilizing the product for a prerelease to be announced during TechEd in May. We will be rolling out a lot of new information and announcing some exciting changes to the Microsoft Master Data product at that time. Folks that are interested should watch the TechEd wires. We're excited about the changes and the benefits we derive from them both from a customer satisfaction perspective as well as a technical, strategic and value perspective.

Well, there you go. I've now succeeded at fulfilling my resolution to inconsistently blog. Hopefully it won't take me another year to get the next post done!