CodeFest-Meals – Silverlight Webcast Series and Sample App

During the last weeks I’ve been working on a Silverlight sample application called “CodeFest-Meals”. The sample application was built for a webcast series we’re doing on One of the goals of the application was to have a nice-design. So Wolfgang Hofellner, who is also the artist of Schabus & Knor comics, designed a nice user interface for me.


Normally I’m more of a XAML guy, but for this series I really forced myself to use NO XAML at all. Everything was done within the new Expression Blend 3. And i really need to admit, it was lots of fun! No XAML any longer for me, at least for CodeFest Meals ;-)

If you’re interested in seeing me doing the entire application completely in Expression Blend 3, have a look at our On-Demand or Live- webcast series.


Live Webcasts - Overview over different topics in Silverlight:

On-demand Webcasts – More in depth episodes on Silverlight:

And last but not least

Btw: I’m doing an event on Silverlight advanced topics in Vienna on September 25th, which will also be recorded. See here for details.