SPSiteManager update coming soon

As I noted in my previous post The Next Big Thing - The SharePoint Configuration Analyzer V.Next, we'll be combining the functionality of SPSiteManager with the SharePoint Configuration Analyzer, and incorporating SPUserUtil as well.

In the mean time, we've found some immediate additions we need to make to SPSiteManager based on overwhelming customer requests and feature requests. Thus, I'm working on an update to SPSiteManager to include the following before moving forward.

First I'll note what is complete, and then what is in progress to go into this version before I release it. This of course, is not an all encompassing feature request list :).

What's Complete

  • Fix for removefromdirectory and removefromcrawl operations

    • I found that my comparison was literal, and if you created the site via the Portals Create Site link, then we only stored the relative path to the site in the directory. So I updated the comparison logic to do a literal comparison, and then a relative comparison.
  • New site directory targeting via -sitedirectoryurl switch

    • Not all customers leave their site directory in the same place :) I even commented this in the code and left it with it assuming that your site directory was in the same place. I've corrected this so now you can specify a specific site directory to work on with the -sitedirectoryurl switch
  • New enumsitecrawl operation

    • This exports your entire list of URLs from your site crawl list.
  • New enumsitedirectory operation

    • This exports your enitire list of URLs from your Site Directories
  • New adddatabase operation

    • This operation can be used to enumerate over the <contentdatabases> section of a Site Distribution Document to create Content Databases. This is extremely helpful if you are mirroring a farm with lots of content databases, and want to match database names, etc on a target system.

    • Theoretically speaking, you could run an analysis on one farm, then use SPSiteManager to create the necessary databases, then restore sites. (In the future, I hope to be collecting enough information in the Site Distribution Document, that you could basically replay and duplicate your entire farm settings if needed)

  • New site owner attributes reported in <site> elements for analysis.

  • New Version Purging

    • Thanks to Raymond Hung, SPSiteManager now has features to help you analysis and gather statistics on version weight in your system, as well as clean them up..

What's In Progress

  • Content Source Auditing

    • The SharePoint Utility Suite has a tool called SPAddCS, and I made some changes to it to "Read" and "Write" those content sources. I'll be incorporating those changes into SPSiteManager so that you can utilize it to "Capture" your content source settings, and "Replay" them onto a server if needed
  • Various Alert help operations

    • Alert Purging

    • Alert "URL" fixup. I.e., if you server name changes, your alerts may still fire with the link to the old URL.

    • Email changes for Alerts

I hope to have these changes complete and tested by the end of the week. Once they're done, I'll post again with an update.

- Keith