The Maestoso Interstellar Suite - Part II

First I want to thank those who placed comments on and the emails I received with comments on Part I of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite. I was quite surprised at the many positive comments. I was hoping "someone" would like it, but didn't realize it would generate so many kudos back.

Over this past weekend, I started working on Part II. Nowhere near complete, but it's a start. The versions available there will not be the final versions. Once I have them wrapped up, I'll reduce the links to just a couple minute samples etc as I prepare it for release.

I'm in Redmond this week to work on the Desired Configuration Monitoring project for SharePoint. I have no estimate of when the DCM for SharePoint will be complete, but I'm here to help get it going.

During my down time this week, I also have a few changes and enhancements I've made to SPSiteManager (More on those in a later post) that I'll need to finish up this week and get posted. One of the bigger items, is a Document Version Purging option to allow you to purge document versions that are no longer needed within a date range or version count option.

More technical posts to follow.

- Keith