ALM Rangers have published Visual Studio Lab Management guidance

The ALM Rangers team has produced a comprehensive guidance for Visual Studio Lab Management.This guidance has dedicated chapters for topics such as setting up and planning a lab, creating environments, and maintaining environments. If you have questions on how to setup a small or large lab, how to plan your server and storage infrastructure, or how to patch templates regularly, this guidance has the answers.

In addition, this guidance also describes a way of creating lab-ready golden templates using VM Factory. This is an alernative to using VM prep tool, if you are familiar with the VM Factory.

Bookmark the Visual Studio Lab Management Guidance TOC blog and monitor the Visual Studio ALM Rangers blog, using tag tfslm, for the latest information on this project. Give this a try when you are planning for or using Lab Management. Give feedback on additional topics that you would like to see included in the guidance either here or at the Rangers Lab Management site.