Lab Management in Virtual Tech Days

I (Vishal) have just completed the Team Lab session in Virtual Tech days using the slide deck you can find as attachment to this post.

Session went well with lots of questions and participation, we had to end the session due to time constraints but questions just keep on pouring. I was happy to see that our product is really generating a lot of excitement. As we could not cover all questions due to lack of time please feel free to post your questions as comments to this post, we will try to answer those here.

We had a live demo of our latest bits (yesterday) and all the demos ran successfully except in one case I forgot to share the VM so participants were not able to see.  

From the Polls collected during the session from participants, it was evident that almost everyone is facing the challenge of non reproducible bugs.
Another interesting data from the poll was related to common causes for non-reproduction of bugs. Environment configuration (Software, Hardware) mismatch came as the number one issue, followed by data mismatch and finally build mismatch and few selected Others category.
Fortunately with Lab Mgmt integration with testing (Tester can take checkpoint from the testing tool and the link to environment checkpoint is automatically associated with the bug without any additional step) and development experience (Developers can access the environment with same state in which bug was found by simply clicking the link to checkpoint in the environment) using the checkpoint and restore technologies we can handle the first 3 categories of common causes.

It was a good experience and a nice reassurance to our product. I hope that the people who attended the session enjoyed it as well.

Software development using VSTS Lab Management Final.pptx