Updated Chile DST Changes 2011

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Updates from previous version


New version of the document based on previous year


Revised “General Recommendations”; fixed some links


Revised due new DST change announced by Chilean Government

Disclaimer: The information in this document was written in anticipation to a possible announcement by the government of Chile about changes in the daylight saving time in Chile for the year of 2011.

The steps provided in this bulletin were created to mitigate the impacts that the daylight saving time changes will cause for customers in Chile. These are the impacts primarily anticipated at the time this document was written, and the effects that customers may face are not restricted to them.

The suggested actions on this document might receive additional testing. The information described in this document may change without notice.

In addition, customers should be aware that further guidance may be provided at any time by Microsoft.

Special notes: This document was revised in response to an imminent change on the DST end date that should be officially announced by the Chilean Government. We obtained this information from the following source:
We still wait the official decree changing the DST dates in Chile to be published by the government on the following site: http://www.horaoficial.cl/cambio.htm


Background – Chile DST 2011 changes

In response to the current Energy Crisis that is impacting the country the Chilean government has announced a new end date for the DST period of 2010-2011 and a new start date for the DST period of 2011-2012. The new DST information is the following:

End of the DST Period: