Checking the weather

Tomorrow I'm off to Las Vegas for a few days of winning the casino's money (well that's *my* dream anyway), so I decided to check the weather. It's going to be beautiful, of course, but check out these descriptions, they delighted me :) Someone had some fun making rules.

Thursday 3/18Sunny and very warmHigh 85° F


Thursday Night 3/18 Mild with a star-studded skyLow 59° F


Friday 3/19 Sunny and continued warmHigh 88° F


Friday Night 3/19 A starlit skyLow 57° F


Saturday 3/20 Sunny and hotHigh 90° F


Saturday Night 3/20 Patchy clouds and mildLow 60° F


Sunday 3/21 Mostly sunny and hot <== wonder why this isn't continued hot?!High 88° F