Enabling Terminal Services on the demo VMs

I’ve had a few questions on terminal serving into the demo VMs. I posted a note explaining how to do this by using an external network connection.


Now the question is related to the number of connection. We have enabled terminal service on the VM but only for Administrative mode which means you can only have 2 connections to the VM. Something we have on the list to do for the upcoming Refresh 3 is to enable full terminal services.

You can enable this yourself but there is a few problems :

  • You will be enabling TS after applications are installed so that is not a good thing as applications won’t be configured fully for TS.
  • Office needs a specific product key to run when full TS is enabled. You can get a key if you have an MSDN Subscription.
  • You can create a client VM to sit in front of the AX-SRV-01 and enable terminal services on that. You can make that VM a Windows2008 R2 VM so you get the Win7 look and feel of the desktop. e.g.


If you want to go down this path then you can get a Windows 2008 R2 VHD from the VHD Test Drive program.  http://www.microsoft.com/virtualization/en/us/solution-appliance-test.aspx 

There are quite a few steps to actually get the two connected but I’ll look to provide some notes on this in the future. Here are some basic notes.

  • Once you get the VHD you will have to get it running, if you are running Windows 2008 R2 then you will have to run it under Hyper-V because of R2 being 64bit.
  • You will have to join that VM to the domain that is on AX-SRV-01.
  • Install the AX client and point to the AOS on AX-SRV-01.

I’ve heard from a few partners that these scenarios are of interest so we’ll make some steps in Refresh 3 to better enable the usage of TS or as it is called in Windows 2008 R2 is called Remote Desktop Services.



Original post at http://blogs.msdn.com/lcash