Hello Again

Well Hello

Sometimes you put your head down and work, work, work and don't look up to see where you are heading. I just looked up and saw that's in been almost 2 years since I've written a blog post. I must say it's been quite an amazing couple of years working with customers on Dynamics AX 2012 projects. I've run into many partners and customers saying the blog was helpful and I should start up again, so better late than never.

I used to write a lot about the VMs but I moved off that project when I changed roles just before the first Dynamics AX Technical Conference in 2011. I still use the VMs that the team produce so I can still write topics on that and might do form time to time. I have some thoughts about what to write on but I thought I'd give it a try and put the question out there to see what people might want to hear about. Considering this blog is about Dynamics AX that is the scope at least.




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