Inheriting the Right Web Service Helps

Five today, I've got a lot to get out of my brain :).

In a previous post I talked about delivering developer training. My first delivery was on my newly created Beta 2 VPC. Beta 2 was still five days away from release when I started teaching. All my materials: slides, demos, samples had been created against Beta 1 TR1 VPC. I expected some issues but the day before I was supposed to fly out… NONE of my samples would run. I was in a full blown panic. I struggled all day long in between updating slides. I redid a sample from scratch and it worked??????

Then I had the giant Homer Simpson DOOOOOOHHHHHHH!

New release means… new libraries and… new web service signatures. I re-added my web service references and bingo the world was right again. I mention this since I just saw this come across one of the newsgroups and there are two more opportunities (Beta2TR1 and RTM) for this to happen again. I just hope I learned my lesson this time and I prevent one of you from yelling like Homer and scaring your co-workers.

I'm on vacation next week, so I'm not taking on any big projects this week. That leaves me with all the little details to work on, one is sharing all this stuff I learned over the last month. I don't know if I'll match a five post day again... but you'll probably see a few more posts this week to make up for my month hiatus.