TechEd 2007 - Sample 1

This year at TechEd I'm delivering the following session:





Enterprise Project Management: Developer Options

6/8/2007 10:45AM-12:00PM

As Project and Portfolio Server are deployed in many enterprise scenarios it is important to understand their integration capabilities with line-of-business systems (like SAP). This session provides you with an overview of Project and Portfolio Server 2007 Development features like PPSI (Project Portfolio Server Interface), PSI (Project Server Interface), Server Side events, and Workflows developed with Windows Workflow Foundation.


While giving this session I’ve added in the following code demos:



From SDK?

PPSI General

Looking at what is available through the PPSI


PSI General

Creating and updating a project


PSI Dataset

Spelunking through the custom datasets



A custom event handler


PWA Customization

A custom web part for PWA



It would be silly for me to post code for SDK samples. So I’ll leave finding them in the SDK as an exercise for the reader. BTW all my samples are designed to run against the Litware demo database included in the EPM VM.

In this post I’m putting the PSI General sample, CreateProject. The sample creates a project with some tasks, then publishes it. Finally it adds some enterprise resources to the project. As with all samples, the code is not production ready, is meant to illustrate concepts not necessarily best code practices, and should not be deployed as is or Mr Biggins will put you in the comfy chair.*** Most of the calls are standard faire for PSI, but some of the utility methods I put in may prove useful for your work. The C# project is attached in a zip file.


*** (Watch some Monty Python’s Flying Circus if you don’t understand the reference)