Welcome to my blog.  I figured I would share little about my background, and what you should expect to find here. 

I've been in software development for the last 16 years and a Microsoft development consultant for the last seven years.  Over the years I've specialized in distributed application development.  I started on custom Ethernet RPC in Pascal and PL1 on a Vax to currently Windows with C# web services ( and lots of points in between like COM and it's friends DCOM/MTS/COM+ in C++).  If you talked development with me it would be very rare to hear me talk about message pumps or cool new GUI components.  It's much more likely to hear about trasactions, packet traces, or WSDL files.  In other words I don't make your applications pretty, I just make them run fast, and scalable, and reliable :).  Since August of 2002 I have specialized on integrating the Project Server platform with other applications.  This usually means working with Partner ISVs application and creating a connector.  Sometimes I work with customers integrating their home-grown application to Project. 

I'll be posting my thoughts around developing against the Project platform, primarily Project 2003.  More to the point when I run across a challenge that I had to solve, I'll post what happened, and how it was solved (or not solved because those are great information too).  I enjoy teaching, I speak a few times a year on Project Server development at various conferences plus web conferences.  So I look at this blog as just another outlet for me to share information. Most of what I do centers around Project Server, but there is the stray opportunity for desktop development with macros or addins.  In January 2006 I'll start posting on Project 12.  I'd love to wax poetic about the next version of Project, but it's just too early for me to do that.  To get your fix on Project 12 you can try Dieter's ProgBlog.

I've set aside time once a week to post something new and review comments.  Hopefully that will mean a new posting a week, more often if I get the time.