Can Rants alone make for blog-material?

How many times have we seen it happen - that 2 wks after a blog is created - it falls along the wayside due to lack of "entries" or "fodder" to feed the blog-space. Which begs the question - so what can make for a great blog - especially when you realise most of your life is spent developing/creating works that you cant really share too much with the public! How much of your life can you "blog" without making it sound too much like a journal and how much of a journal-writing can a blog-reader actually take - before a flame happens on your comments. Which is why I think Rants make up for excellent blog-material while it provides the "sparks" in an otherwise corporate life at the same time - some "insights" at what is happening out there.

I know the Work-Life balance is an often cited term for helping over-eager employees to not burn out - maybe there should be a Rant-Insight balance for each blogger. With atleast a 3:1 rant-insight ratio :)

With almost a month of limbo in the blogging world (thanx to deadlines from hell) - I hope Sept is a much better blogging month.