Chris Sells' Best Exam answer ever



Coming from Chennai, south india where if you picked any 5 ppl on the road - about 3 of them would be engineers and about 4 of them would know how to code in C/C++ - this post on Chris Sell's blog entry this morning brought in a chuckle from me.

Okie the title is misleading - maybe this is not Chris Sells' Best exam answer ever.... but I am just reusing his blog title and giving him the credit for it too :)

DISCLAIMER: Also - being a "marketing guy" at MSFT I should also add that my statement on the random sampling ppl on the roads of Chennai was a random sample - picked at Mount Road near Spencer Plaza on a weekday. Which implies the age is skewed towards 20-25 yr old college/post college students. Also with a sample size too small to draw any kind of statistically valid recommendations.

It just made for a great statistic when polled randomly and I threw it in for good effect. And NO I am not like this at work - most of the marketing research is backed by good R-Square results and good P-Values :)