Hate Meetings? Mr. Levitt: your going to have trouble if you joined Microsoft :)

The New York Times the other day talked about the problem with business meetings about too much time being spent in meetings per week. The Average as you can see from the graphic on the left is 4.34 hrs spent per week and about 2.28 hrs for Males and Females respectively.

Steve Levitt a prominent economist of our times writes .... "..Personally, I hate meetings. .One reason I left my job at the N.Y. Times after 5 years was because, as much as I admired and enjoyed many of the people in the back-to-back-to-back meetings, it was too hard to get any actual work done. I would sometimes look around, watch 20 talented and well-compensated people spending an hour batting around ideas, perhaps 2% of which would come to fruition, and mourn the loss of 20 man-hours and what could have been accomplished individually during that time … "

 Well Steve, thats going to be tough in corporate Microsoft for sure. My average meeting hrs this week was about 24 hrs for the 5 day work week. But then again I'm sure a bestselling author wouldnt really care to be a Product Manager anyway :)