Honey My Team Messed up my Office on my Birthday (While I was out)

If you are away from your office for a while at Microsoft - then dont expect it to remain intact by the time you are back.

While I was out for MGX 2006 (Microsoft Global Exchange - Akin to the global sales-Kick off meeting at the ending of every fiscal and beginning of the next) and TechReady3 (Akin to the Technical Kickoff for the field) - I also had my Birthday.

So yes - this time my birthday was in Orlando while I was running around from one conference room to another in the Orlando convention center while living out of one of the Disneyworld resorts (Port Orleans-Riverside).

But this post is not about MGX or TechReady (there will be some more posts that I will be doing which will detail about those two events). Pictures they say speak a thousand words - I will let the following tell their tale:


In case you havent figured it out yet - I Am a Steelers Fan and the Cleveland Browns get along just as great with the Steelers just as great as the Indian and Pakistani cricket teams get along with each other on the field.

SIX ppl have been already identified to have had a hand in the trashing of my mess:

Rew Adams from Editorial (chief orchestrator), Kathleen Holmes from Communications, Nancy Apthorp our Exec Admin, Angelle Pruitt from Product Management, Allison Awasthi, Eric Knutsen from Program Management.

So if you are out for more than a week - and happen to have a bday during that period. Make sure you make a call to the facilities management to book a cleaning date. Mine is later this wk.