How many hrs does a CIO spend on Surveys?

There are tons of CIO-directed surveys. And then there are the CIO-directed ad campaigns. Not to mention the CIO-directed marketing messages and sales events. Ofcourse all these come with them great incentives - they have to - who would spend "forced downtime" on surveys otherwise? And consistently I have seen the CIO magazine a host of other surveys getting good feedback/responses to their surveys.

So how many hrs does a CIO really spend on Surveys?

I looked up a CIO blog while searching for that answer and he said he could spend several hrs.

But he questioned the quality of the answers he was giving the survey given that he was checking his email or doing something else while taking a phone survey...

Make you wonder - given the millions of bucks that are invested based on the results of these CIO surveys (not to mention the hundred-thousands spent in conducting them) - is it worth the quality of the results?

How many hrs does the CIO spent on surveys?

PS: I also had a query that went along the lines of how many hrs is spent on meetings and reviews by a CIO - but then that was a percentage close to 100% - so I did not even bother pondering on that:)